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Stacey Keibler’s side curl: Oomph in particular!


Well, she looks amazing, elegantly seducing and of course perfect. Her hairstyle suggests that a girl can be elegant and sexy and charming the same time. Her dress compliments her every well. The extra curl in her hair has completely changed her look and got our feet off ground! It’s a must try look. To have Stacey’s hairstyle, you need to wash with a volumising shampoo and then deep condition the hair. Now blow dry. Use mousse. Now give a side partition to the hair. Pull all her hair to the front on the greater side of the partition. Take a curling rod and start curling the ends of the hair. When done, open up the curls with your fingers.

Now take a thick section of hair from the back most part from the lesser side. Start curling longer way, upside down. Make a tight curl all length. Release the section from the rod. Attach the pins on the inner side of the curl to the rest of the hair swept in front of the neck. Give a shot of hairspray. Your side curl is ready to flirt!!

Wassup new: Try using a small crystal for attaching the curl or keep the look simple, as you desire. Stacey’s dress matches her hair color that increases its charm. Try this must have look for once!

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