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Viola Davis’s short afro: Naturally beautiful!


Viola may be seen with wigs endorsing beautiful cuts but she has short afro underneath. This time she shows her own natural style which is even more eye-catching. Afro hairstyles need the minimum of maintenance as the natural springy texture of this hair remains the same, even without proper grooming. Afro hairstyles are the part of afro- American culture and ruled the 70’s era. May pop stars have endorsed this hairstyle. It used to be a punk signature of the rock stars. Still now, many of the Americans have this look that creates a sense of independency and attitude.  To get this hairstyle, you need proper volumising shampoo wash and a curling conditioner. If your hair is normally textured afro, then you can go for the shorter bob look by having a haircut done by professional. If you do not have the natural afro, you may need to mini curl your mane.  After the wash, keep your hair damp and make small one-one inch parts of your hair. Use mini rollers here to fix the parts. Its going to take a lot of time curling whole of the mane. When all rollers have been put through, blow dry the hair using a hair dryer and fix the curls. Open them after 2 hours. Do not comb at all. use your fingers to make the hair fluffy. Your loose afro is ready!!!!

Wassup new:  If you want permanent curling or temporary curls that last for at least 5-6 washes, you may need professional for that. They use curling creams and serums to bond your hair into afro style and it may last longer.

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