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Louise Roe’s messy side bun with crystals: Enhancing the messy outlook!


Louise Roe‘s latest fashion statement is her hairstyle. As the messy look is being tried by practically everyone, Louise too tries her hand at it and ole! She wins!! Her style is messy combined with proper bun and curly ends. To have this hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition properly. Now comb well but do not use anti frizz. Give a side partition to your hair and let loose a lot of flicks on the greater side. Pull back all your hair near the nape of your neck and a little towards the greater side and make a ponytail. Secure with a band. Now start twisting the ends below to make a thick loose roll. Wrap this roll around the neck of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Now, take a curling rod and curl the ends of the loose open flicks. Pin the flicks one by one on the bun exposing its curled ends. Fix a crystal at the end on the messy bun. Your look is ready!!

Wassup new:  Accessorize a little. Highlight your eyes and let the hair do speak. If you do not want to use crystal and yet be different, spray some temporary color to highlight streaks of bold color. You will be loved!!

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