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Maya Rudolph’s side curls: Making a statement of their own.


Where the world is busy trying new hair colors or going for the messy look that is in, Maya Rudolph has stayed a bit near. She has gone with the wind, a nice curled mane neatly swept to one side. Her brown locks make the statement here and it’s the color of her mane that attracts first. Curls have always been in eyes of the ones who have naturally straight hair so it is a good look to try for the straightened ones. To have Maya’s hairstyle, have a neat wash and deep condition your locks. Then blow dry. Use mousse. If your hair is wavy, straighten them up first. Now give a side partition to your hair. Take a thick curling rod and start curling using thicker sections of hair to a length till the ears. When done, open up one or two curls and keep the rest curly. Place the curls in front of your neck to a side. Spray well for the curls to stay for a longer time. Your look for the event is ready!!

Wassup new: Use a headband or use crystals here to accessorize. If not interested in glitter of the crystals, you may use highlights or extensions of bolder colors to compliment. You emerge as the winner!!

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