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Selena Gomez’s short bob: Short hair in elegance!


Our very own Disney star knows how to wear elegance with sheer transparency! She has already been named as one of the style forerunners of the teenagers. Teens blindly follow their waverly star and she has too lived upto their expectations. Here she sports a short bob hairstyle perfectly curled inside creating an aura of the bygone era. For all the Selena fans here, this is must try look. For this you need a short bob haircut, shoulder length. Shampoo well and blow dry. Make a side partition and straighten up your hair. Take a curling rod and curl the ends towards inside. Take a little front section from the greater section and pin it up a little higher. On the lesser side, take a front strand and curl it longitudinally. Spray on well and your look is utmost done!!

Wassup new: Well, for the Selena fans out there, she does not have shorter hair, so she has adorned the faux bob look. To do this, make a very loose ponytail from your back hair and secure it tightly about 2 inches from the ends. Now fold this ponytail inside your hair and pin up to create the faux bob effect. Spray to keep hair at place. Off you go!!!

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