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Sharon Stone With Hair Tufts


Hair Tufts is a patch of hair which usually grows in a different direction when compared to the rest of the hair. You can also create temporary tufts at night when hair is pressed against a pillow or during a day of being kept under a hat. This style is not considered to be a desired part of a hairstyle using right tools as they cannot be created artificially. But there are many stylist who can create this hairstyle as it is become more popular among many people in the present day and it can be achieved at home also with this steps.

To get this style, first you must style the hair as per your desire before creating the tuft. Divide a section of hair 2 or more inches in width and take out multiple tufts by 2 inches to make them stand alone. Next spritz all over the hair with a spray of water and slightly dampen it. Now take up the tuft of hair using a comb and then dry it in place with the help of a blow dryer starting from the roots to the tip. Spread a little amount of firm-hold hair gel in between your thumb and forefinger to apply it at the roots of the tufted area. Make sure to keep the tuft in place until the gel becomes dry. At last squirt the tuft using a hair spray which will help to secure it in place.

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