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Audrey Hepburn Short Hairstyle


Audrey Hepburn has got a short hairstyle which can look great on anyone with short hair. In this hairstyle the sides will be cut short and jagged. There will be angled layer on top of the head which will help to create a piecey effect for the hairstyle. The bangs will be styled full and look messy as it is easy to maintain this style with regular trims. In the present day, there are many celebrities who like to wear this hairstyle as it gives a very young look and it is also very easy to maintain when compared to other hairstyles.

It is easy to achieve this style, first mist all over the hair with a gel spray which will create added hold and give a longer lasting style. Next use a comb the hair straight up slowly to reach the hairline and go back in a straight manner to get an even left part. Try to create a side part if you have longer face shape to create the illusion of width. Spread a little amount of gel-wax on your hands and starting at the top-back area, pull the hands forward by flattening the hair down. To get a wet look try to use more gel-wax. Use your hands to apply a gel-wax over the hair to get shine and a soft hold. At last lift the hair strands using your hands or a gel-wax to end the styling process.

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