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Emma Stone’s bun with side bangs: The sleeky messy combo look!


Emma combines here her messy low bun along with sleek side bangs. Her experimenting spirit is revealed from her hairstyle. Her style compliments her dress as her hair color stands out. Her sleeky bangs speak out the truth of her charm. To have emma’s look, you need to shampoo and condition first. Then blow dry. Do not brush to create height. Now, make a side partition with a rat tail comb and comb the ends with your fingers. Do not use brush. Now take all of the hair backwards and make a bun by giving a roll near the nape of the neck. Stick the ends out. Pin up with bobby pins to secure. Now take a curling rod and curl the ends of the roll. Open the curls to give a messy look. Mash them up. In the front section, comb your bangs sideways. Straighten them up with a straightener. Spray up well and comb again the bangs to give a cleaner effect. Give a dab of hairspray at the bun too to keep the hair at place. Your combination look is done!!

Wassup new: Add a sleek head band to increase the elegance and charm. The experiment is sure to get successful and win praises!!


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