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Eva Longoria’s side plait: the sleek feminity!


Eva Longoria sports here a side plait enough to show the beholders that a simple plait can also be so sexy. Eva combines her look with black trousers to give that added feel of self independence yet elegance personified by her loose plait. To have Eva’s hairstyle, shampoo with a volumising wash and condition. Use mousse. Blow dry. Now comb properly and straighten up any curls, if present. Make a side partition. Use hair serum to reduce frizz and smoothen the hair. Pull all hair to one side in front of the neck. Comb. Pull out few thick flicks out of the hair from both the sides. Now, start plaiting loosely from the nape of the neck to downwards. Make the plait tight as you go down. Plaiting is done by separating hair into three sections. Now, interwine the left section over the middle one and pull it from below the right section to the other side. Repeat for the right section. This is one round. Keep doing this until you reach the ends. When you reach about 2inches from the ends, take a rubber band and wrap it tightly. From the plait tease out a few ends and pull out. It will add to the messy look. Your side plait is ready!!!

Wassup new: Attach a crystal to the neck of the plait or give rainbow color spray to the plait. It will define you completely over!

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