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Hairstyle with Parted Bangs


Hairstyle with parted bangs are very easy way of styling the hair in just few minutes. In this style the bangs will be parted in the middle of the head and it is also a versatile style that can be paired with hair down to get a casual look. Most of the celebrities prefer this hairstyle if they have a long hair as it is easy to maintain as well as easy to create it. To get this hairstyle make sure that you have medium to length hair. Here is a simple way that can be followed to achieve this hairstyle at home without any help.

It is easy to get this style, start the styling process by adding a little amount of straightening balm all over bangs when they are clean and damp. Use your fingers from center of the forehead through the bangs and divide the hair into half. Now curl one half of your bangs using a round brush by keeping it right next to the forehead and brushing it toward your face. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair and pull it through your bangs to curl inward. Then clamp the flat iron over one half of the bangs near the scalp and slowly draw it down the hair. Try to use a smooth motion and each half of the bangs must frame your face. Now use the same process over the other bangs of the hair.

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