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Jennifer Lopez’s tight bun: Charisma in tight high sweep!


Jennifer is a style bunny. She knows what suits her the best and sticks to it. Here also, she emerges as the winner. Her top thick tight bun was the talk of the day. Why not! It is sleek and pointed high. Nevertheless it is neatly done and presented. That shows that the woman has control of everything!

About Jennifer’s hairstyle her hairstylist Lorenzo martin said, “The look I created for Jennifer was inspired by the 60’s. I wanted a gorgeous hairstyle that defined the graceful refined sophistication of that time to compliment Jennifer’s beautiful dress.”

And why not, her hairstyle is sheer poise. Her elegance drips and creates waves. To create this hairstyle, you need a proper wash and conditioning.  Then spray some root lifting spray and blow dry. Now, dab some hold defining gel evenly all throughout your hair. Now make a tight high ponytail securing with a rubber band. Make sure it is tight. Now, use some hairspray and divide the ponytail into four sections. Take one section and tease it near the neck and make a loop and wrap it around the neck of the ponytail in north direction. Similarly keep teasing all other sections and loop them. Fix with pins as you loop and wrap the ends in other directions, south, east and west. Secure with pins all way. Your bun is ready!! Give a dash of hairspray again!

Wassup new: Stick a crystal in the center of the bun for added elegance.

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