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Jennifer Morrison’s braided ponytail: androgynous look with a dash of feminity!!


Jennifer Morrison is the experiment of today. Since braids, buns plaits are all in with the messy outlook, Jennifer sports here how a look such as braid can be sexy and completely change a person’s makeover. First thing, Jennifer is wearing an androgynous attire, therefore we expect she wears anything as a short bob hairstyle or a bun but she has kept her feminity in full bloom by sporting a braided ponytail. And of course according to us, she looks fab!

To get Jennifer’s hairstyle, you need a volumising wash first. Now use anti frizz. Make very thin side partition. And on the greater side, start braiding from near to the margin of forehead. When one interwining round is done, add sections of hair from loose hair below the plait and weave. Keep adding sections in each round. When you reach the back of your head, make a plait out of the hair in your hands by not adding any more sections of hair from below and just keep on weaving the plait till its ends. Fix the braid with a clamp. Now comb back all loose hair into a ponytail and secure the neck of the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Open the braid form the clamp and wrap the hanging plait all round the neck of the ponytail. Fix with pins. Take a straightener and straighten up the loose hair from the ponytail. Your braided ponytail is ready!!

Wassup new: You can always make a bun out of a ponytail when you get bored of the look. Spray well so that the braid gets neater look and hair stay in place.

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