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Kate Beckinsale’s bun: Messy thick updo.


Kate Beckinsale’s bun here signifies splendor. It is a personification of how one can significantly carry off loads of charm and elegance. The bun is thick and a little high up. That creates a sense of ladylike attitude mixed with elegance and mannerism. Kate’s hairstyle is a messy updo and requires proper effort. The bun is thick and may require extensions if your hair is short. To have Kate’s look, you need a proper wash, deep conditioning and blow drying. Do not comb much, keep the messy look up. Now, divide the hair into two sections. First section must have lesser portion of hair and must be in the front and the larger section must be at the back. The dividing line between both the sections should be horizontal going from one ear to upwards to the crest of head and down to the other ear. Clamp the front section. Now, hold all of the back section and combing with your fingers, make a ponytail with its neck midway between the nape of the neck and the crest of the head. If your hair is short, use wavy extensions of the same color as your natural hair. Now start twisting from the end of the ponytail to make mediumly tight twists in the tail. Wrap the twisted roll onto the neck of the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. Make sure the bun is tightly secured to the rest of the hair.

Now, open up the front section and using blow dryer and a roller brush, roll out the starting 2 inches near the roots upwards, to create height. Separate the ends into strands with your fingers. Keep the blow dryer and the brush aside. Now, starting from one side, take the ends of front section and wrap it around the bun. Keep wrapping the bun on all sides so that it gets totally covered and no twists are seen. Secure properly with pins. Give a shot of hair spray to keep the hair at place and you are ready!!!

Wassup new: Add crystals to enhance your messy look. You are sure to get loads of compliments!!

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