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Diana Agron’s elegantly styled updo with a ponytail: Sheer redness on red carpet!!


 Diana Agron sports an elegant updo that has a tail behind which is neatly swept to one side at the back and we cannot see it in most of the pictures. Her hairstyle here is fiery and fully compliments her red dress. The updo has been teased and transcripted on the front to create a heightened effect mixed with pure elegance. Diana looks perfect and her hairstyle creates a halo of glow around her face. The ponytail is messy at the tail side and has the crimpled look.

To create Dianas’s hairstyle, you need to shampoo and condition before hand. Blow dry. Use mousse. Now with your fingers give a little side partition and comb the hair sideways, a little towards the back side to show the forehead properly. Tease the front and the side section with a comb by combing backwards to create height and a messy effect. Pin the side section at the back. Now take all of the hair and by combing lightly with your fingers, make a messy ponytail near the nape of your neck and secure it with an elastic band. Mash the hair hanging down the ponytail. Spray on and again mash with your hand to give a crimpy messy look.  Now, comb in front lightly to keep the front section a little higher and give a dash of hairspray to make hair stay at place. Your look is ready!

Wassup new: Well, most of the Diana’s pictures here show an updo with rarely the ponytail showing. You can have this bouffant updo alone for a try. Roll and pin up the ends of the hair to create a messy updo or a bun. This look is awesome!!

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