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Maria Menounos’s bun in style: A halo of radiance!


With her yellow dress what could be more elegantly complimenting than her big bun. Maria’s hair color has highlights of off yellow color in her brunette hair that adds to the sheerness of her hairstyle. Her bun signifies great splendor and strength and wins over. Well, it looks neat and perfectly done and its not difficult to make it. Lets try.

To have this hairstyle, give a volumising shampoo wash with deep conditioning. Blow dry. Give a dab of hold defining gel throughout the hair. Now pull out an inch of hair from the front and comb it to lift it to a side. Clamp it. Comb all the rest of your hair backwards to tease them and create height. Comb them towards the crest of your head. Make a high ponytail. Secure it with a tight rubber band. Now open the front section which was clamped and while combing it, pin it up near the top of the ponytail so that it gives the effect as the front one inch section is going towards a side and then towards the top of the head. Fix it with tight bobby pins.  Now comb the ponytail. Make four sections out of it. Keep the top section folded and clamped for further use. Take one of the rest three sections and comb it properly. Give it one fold over the whorl of the ponytail, fixing it and wrap the rest of it around the neck of the ponytail. Do the same to the other two sections to create a big bun. Use bobby pins for fixing. Now open the top section that was clamped and separate into two parts. Wrap the first part around the bun clockwise and the other part around the bun anticlockwise. Pin up the ends with pins. Hairspray a little. Your bun is ready!

Wassup new: Fix a crystal into the whorl of the bun. Add some charm to it or wear a sleek metal head band with this bun. Go on!

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