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Marie Antoinette Hairstyle


Marie Antoinette was a queen of France during the 18th century who used to wear unique hairstyles every day. The hairstyle used to look very dramatic similar to a beehive that lifts straight up off your head. It is not easy to create this style as you have to tease your hair using a fine toothed comb. The styling method also involves standard hair products such as pomade and hair spray which will be used to make the look perfect. Here are few steps that can help to achieve this hairstyle in no time.

To start the styling, first you must brush all the hair to remove any tangles and divide the bulk of your hair to create a high ponytail on the top of your head. Leaving two inch thick sections of hair around the perimeter of your ponytail secure it with hair elastic. Next create spiral curls with the help of curling iron from all the hair in the ponytail and make sure to curl half inch sections at a time. Mist the curled ponytail with a little amount of hairspray. Now pull up one inch sections of the hair from the free flowing hair and hold the comb about a half inch above the hair. Start teasing the section of hair until it stands on its own. At last add a little amount of pomade in your hands to spread it all over the hair and spritz it with a hairspray.

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