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Nicole Richie’s surprising updo: Different hairstyle worth trying!


Nicole Ritchie’s supports a half tied updo and some loose hair but so neatly done that it needs a praise. The style might be difficult to look at or even do but of course its worth trying for fashion lovers. The look is quite girlish and can be sported on a variety of events where you want to show your style with feminity. To have Nicole’s hairstyle, you need a proper wash and conditioning. Next blow dry your hair. Apply some anti frizz serum and comb properly. Take a straightener and keeping your bangs on the front, straighten up all your hair. Straighten up the bangs too. When done, tease the topmost part of your mane to create height. Now, separate your hair into two sections. Make square of three by three inches in the centre of your head with a rat tail comb, immediately behind the front bangs. Tie up the hair in this square section by using a clamp for further use.  Take all remaining hair and comb backwards and make a tight ponytail. Roll the ends of this ponytail over the neck of the tail to make a bun. Secure the bun with bobby pins. Now, open the clamped section and comb well. Divide it into three parts, left, middle and right. Make sure that the middle part is larger than the other two. Take the right most section and comb it sideways and then pin it up on the bun. Let its tail to hang down. Do the same for the left part. Now take the middle section and com very well in the upward direction to create height. Spray a little on the strands and comb again. Then let it hang down in the middle of the bun to create the unattached ponytail effect. Spray more now to keep hair at place.

Wassup new: The look is difficult to make perfect for the first time but can be practiced to make it good. Do not forget to use spray otherwise the loose hanging strands may sway since it gives the unattached ponytail effect. Try on!!

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