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Rooney Mara’s short bun: Shine and neatness in one!!


Hollywood’s older era of sixties and seventies ruled the buns, curls and neat hairdos. Rooney here wears one of the easy hairdos which is sleek and shiny and creates an aura of correct fashion sense of hairstyles. To have her look, you need to shampoo and condition first. Use anti frizz. Spray on and blow dry. Now put evenly a hold defining gel throughout the hair. Comb well. Comb the bangs to the front neatly. Hold back all the hair at the back and keep combing. Make a tight ponytail and secure with a rubber band. Now dab some hair gel onto the ends of the ponytail and use a roller brush to give it a shape. Fold the ends towards inside, under the neck of the ponytail. Fix it with bobby pins underneath. Now take a curler or thick roller and curl the front bangs towards inside. Comb and give a dash of hairspray throughout. Your sixties inspired Rooney Mara look is right there!!

Wassup new: This look may be different for longer hair. For them it is advised to fold the ponytail and pass the fold through the applied rubber band. Now wrap the ends of the ponytail around the neck. You get the same effect!

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