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Sarah Hayland’s loose messy lowdo: Messy is in!


She has the looks to carry off any hairstyle. Many a times I swap her with Selena Gomez as her face and hair totally matches the singer. But this actress does have poise to take any look on her shoulders. The hairstyle she sports is a messy lowdo. Since we know that the messy look is really in so everybody is trying to get their hands on it. It is easy to do and looks fab on any red carpet event.

To have Sarah’s hairstyle, you need proper shampooing and conditioning. Blow dry your hair. Now comb well and make a side partition to your hair. Keep about three or four strands loose on both the sides. Comb back rest of your hair and give a single twist. Fold them upwards and fix them with ends hanging on the top. Make sure you pin near the nape of the neck towards a side. Take a curling rod and curl up the ends that are hanging. Curl up the side flicks too. Open the curls with fingers to get the messy effect. Now take the front most strand and pin it on the side and let the flicks behind it remain hanging down, your messy lowdo is ready!!

Wassup new: For best results and to make your hair stay in place for longer, spray on a hairspray. You look amazing!

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