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Crimping Hair Without a Crimper


A crimped hairstyle is usually achieved by using proper styling tools such as crimping irons. These tools can work great on any types of hair, but there are chances that they can damage the hair through overheating. Crimping the hair can also be done without using any tool to prevent damage to your hair and it also saves money that will be used to purchase the styling tool. The size of the sections usually depends on how tight you are trying to crimp the hair. Here are few steps to crimp the hair without using any crimping tools.

First wash your hair as usual and apply a wash out conditioner before rinsing the hair. Wrap the hair in a towel and leave it for few minutes. Then remove the towel and comb the hair to get rid of tangles. Next divide the hair into four sections and start the styling process with one section at a time. Holding the hair portion at the end start twisting it into a tight coil and secure it with a small hair tie at the ends of the hair. Continue portioning and coiling the hair in the remaining sections. Try to maintain a similar look to all the sections of the hair that has been styled. At last leave the hair to dry naturally and then remove all hair ties in a gentle way. Loosen the hair coils as per your desire with the help of your fingers.

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