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Full-Bodied Bob Hairstyle


A full-bodied bob is a very beautiful way of styling the hair if it is short. This hairstyle would frame the face perfectly if you have thick and straight hair. Most of the women prefer this style as it needs less maintenance as the hair will be short. A bob hairstyle which lacks body will look limp and weighed-down, so adding volume to your hair can help to achieve this look easily. Try to use the styling products which are specially made to add body to the hair as it can give an appearance of richer, thicker hair. Here are few ways to be followed in achieving this hairstyle.

To get this hairstyle, first you must cut the hair and make it appear thicker. Next make sure to wash and condition your hair with products that can add more volume to the hair because of having dirty hair will build up weight. Then comb the hair gently to remove tangles and then lift the hair sections just above the temples from the scalp using a comb. Blow dry the hair or use a towel to dry the hair. Now you must apply a generous amount of styling products such as gel or mousse all over the hair. Continue the drying process using a blow dryer or you may also towel dry the hair until it becomes slightly damp. At last stand upright and then flip the hair back to its natural position.

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