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Harry Styles Curly Styled look: For the men at heights!!


Harry Styles look here is cute and he makes it to the top. His curly locks and eye catching and attract millions of fans worldwide. There is no doubt most of his fans are females and they literally die on his locks. His look is longer hair with curls styled to one side though this looks comes under messy ones.curly hair give a feeling that the hair is thick, voluminous and has substance.  It creates height to the persona and allows the hair to be experimented with different styles.

To create Harry’s hairstyle, you need a proper shampoo wash and conditioning. To the wet hair apply some hair spray and curl promoting serum. Now comb the hair to one side and front covering about half of the forehead. Swish your head to and fro to create the messy look. Now, move your hair to side again with your fingers slowly making curls from your fingers. Since you have used the spray and the serum, the curls easily hold on. Use your fingers to make curls all over. Now blow dry. Spray some more hair spray and blow dry. Your Harry Styles hairstyle is ready to bowl over the girls! Zoomba!

Wassup new: You may also use hair gel to create the curls. The curls hold on for longer time and of course you look dapper!

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