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The Minnie mouse hairstyle: for the kid in you!!


It reminds of those playful days when we wanted to look like Disney characters any day! But now, such looks are experimented and very well carried off by our famous celebrities. The look might have its roots from Disney character, Minnie mouse but it suits anyone when done with elegance. It is easy to do and may nice for a day. To create this hairstyle, you will need a hair wash and deep conditioning. Then make a center partition from the front till the back and separate the hair into two sections. Take one section and comb it. Apply some hair gel and comb it in upwards direction. Hold it at the top of your head towards a little side. Give it a fold and secure it with a rubber band so that the fan shaped round fold is on the top side and the ends are below. Wrap the ends around the band. Repeat on the other side to make two round buns on each side. Fasten them with ribbons. Your look is done!

Wassup new: You can even go for the Tulisa look. In this you make a ponytail first, at the top of your head. Now comb and gel up the tail well. Make a bow out of the tail and move the ends through the middle to knot it. If the hair are not long enough to make the knot in the middle, take some ribbon and give it a knot. Your Minnie mouse look is done!!

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