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The seagull hairstyle: From the past to the present again!


It was popular during the 80’s and named after the band “A flock of seagulls.” The band’s leader Mike Score usually sported this hairstyle and now it is again in. For this hairstyle, you need longer bangs. After a wash and blow drying your hair, dab a good amount of hair gel onto your hair and comb well. Now, move your head to and fro in faster motions to break the comb sections of hair and give a messy look. Keeping the center of hair on the front hanging down your forehead, raise the side hair on both the sides till two inches above. Use more hair gel if needed. Spray a lot.

Now dry your hair with a hairdryer for a couple of minutes. The hair should stick to where they were styled. Dab a little more hair gel and apply to the inner side of the side sections to mould the hair inwards. Blow dry again a little. Now, take a small comb and comb your front bangs straight down. Give hard shot of hair spray and your seagull look is done!!

Wassup new:  Nowadays the seagull look is done with a difference, the sides are not two inches high but a little lower and usually the hair are now more neater to give a cleaner, dapper effect.

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