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The wet look: Sexy look and stunning appeal!


Whenever I wake up late and find my hair oiled up from last massage and do not have the time to get a wash, the best solution I have to make my hairstyle worth a look is to wet my hair with water and swirl my head to and fro many a times and pin my hair into a half tie and off I go! Wet look is one of the most sexy hairstyles that one can opt for. For cleaner look, first give a wash to your hair with a shampoo and condition it. On the wet hair, use some hair gel and comb your hair. If your hair is short, comb it backwards with a sweep to give a clean effect or sweep it sideways to give a posh effect.

You may also finger curl your hair after applying some hair gel in wet hair. It gives thinner, wetter waves and curls that ooze stunning appeal. Short bob with wet hair looks amazing. Give it a try some day!

Wassup new: Since hair gel has been dabbed on wet hair, this look does not need that much maintenance, not even the hair spray. Attach some crystals or flowers in wet hair and look sexy!!


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