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Alicia Keys retro banana updo: Retro is fun!


Alicia truly reminds of those Afro-American hairstyles that were hugely popular in sixties and seventies. Updo’s came into much limelight that time. Alicia sports such a hairstyle of that era. Such defined updo’s are relatively time consuming but do involve lot of fun during their making and of course in showing off.

To get Alicia keys hairstyle wash your hair with a nice good conditioning shampoo wash and blow dry. Now spread some hold defining gel onto your palm and dab it all over your hair evenly. Bend your head over so that all hair fall over your lap and start making a braid from the portion most near to your neck. From the most nearer to neck hair, section out some hair and start making a braid. The braid is made by dividing the section into three sections, left, right and middle. Pass the right section over the middle and below the left section. Pass the left section over the middle and below the right section. This comprises of one round. Now take some thin strands of hair from the loose hair nearer to the braiding on both the sections and blend into the right and left sections and give another round of weaving. Blend newer strands of hair every time you give a new round. When you reach the middle of the head, pin up the braid and comb the hanging loose hair. Dab some serum onto the loose hair and comb well. Now, twist this loose section two three times so that it forms a banana like shape. Now fold this banana hair over the top of your head near to forehead so that it forms a horse-shoe shape and fix the ends of the section near to where you previously fixed the braiding section. Pin up the banana hair section too in the front too. Spray a lot to make hair stay at place. Your retro banana updo is perfectly done!!

Wassup new:  If you have shorter hair and want to go for this hairstyle, use fake hair extensions by braiding them onto the braid and then folding to make the banana section. Try retro look sometimes. They actually work!!

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