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Amy Heidemann’s retro cone updo: Retro works!!


Amy Heidemann is experimental, sporty and bubbly. Her hairstyle shows the same persona of her. She wears a retro hairstyle and carries it well off. Her hairstyle has all the three ingredients of girly, ladylike and experimental features. The cone updo is retro, the loose wavy curls and chic and girly and bubbly. The look compliments her retro dress very well.

To get Amy’s hairstyle you need a wash with a volumising wash and deep conditioning. Use anti frizz and hair smoothening serum. Comb well and blow dry. When done, create a three by three inches square on the top of your head with rat tail comb and comb it upwards smoothly.  Take an extra thick curling rod or a thick curler and combing it towards the face, curl the section into one big curl towards inside. Release the curl slowly. Now make the curl sit down with one open end as the base so that it makes a cone at the top. Fix it with bobby pins to the scalp. Make sure that the curl is very near to the forehead. Fix a bobby pin engulfing the curl sideways so that the curl doesn’t open up. Spray a good shot of hair spray. Now take the curling rod again and start curling the remaining loose hair into thinner longitudinal curls. Do not curl for long. Open up the curls as they form to give a wavy look. Do this to the rest of the hair. Give another shot of hair spray all over. Your retro cone updo is done!!

Wassup new:  You may even straighten up your loose hair to give a chic effect. Fix a crystal on top of the cone and win compliments!!!

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