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Scarlett Johansson’s curled messy tie: Beautiful messiness!


Scarlett Johansson is pretty and so does she look in her hairstyle at the walk of fame. Her hairstyle can be described here as a curly lowdo which has a messy effect. This hairstyle is easy and can e tried in a variety of ways and manners. Since lately, we have head of many celebs going for messy look, its time to try ours. To create this messy look, you need a voluminous wash and conditioning. Do not use anti frizz but you can use curl promoting serum. Give a side partition to the hair. Blow dry. Tease the hair starting from the ends towards the roots to give volume and substance. Now, take a thick curling rod and start curling from the greater section towards outside. Make sure you start curling from three inches near the roots and make a curl envelope near the margin. Continue curling till you reach the back. As a result there should be one thick curl engulfing all the hair on the greater section going towards the back and pin up. Simply comb with your fingers the hair on the lesser side and now taking all of the hair, roll out one or two times and fix up with bobby pins to create a messy bun like effect. Spray all over to keep the hair at place. Your curled messy tie is ready!!!

Wassup new: Fix a crystal at the back for a heightened charm.

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