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Soft Finger Waves


Hairstyle with soft finger waves is usually related with a vintage or a pin-up girl look. It was very popular during the year 1940 where most of the celebrities used to wear this hairstyle. Keeping your hair shorter can be a perfect choice to create this style, but having long hair can also look good if the hair is pulled back. You can also create this hairstyle if the hair thick or curly which will make it look better when compared to the hair that is fine or thin. Here is a simple method to achieve this hairstyle.

To get this hairstyle, first spread a little amount of styling product all over the hair like a gel and start creating waves in the spot of your choice. Now use your finger to create a ridge and start this process from the left side of your hair by moving way around. Leave the finger under a one inch section of the hair keeping the finger parallel to the floor. Press the comb against your finger to create one inch sections by keeping the teeth down. Pull your comb sideways to create a ridge and avoid lifting the comb. Next comb the hair below the ridge which can be determined be keeping your finger. Then create the next wave one inch far from the first wave. At last leave the hair to dry naturally and then mist all over with a hairspray for hold.

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