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Cassie’s exotic Mohawk bun: Punk meets elegance!


Cassie is a pop star and all pop stars keep that rebellious attitude to keep themselves different. Cassie’s hairstyle too spells the same. She has shaved the sides of her head and lower back of head while longer hair remain over her head. This hairstyle is called as Mohawk and comes under punk hairstyles. Cassie has combined the mohawk with a bun to create that punk look with a class. To create this hairstyle, first you need to shave the sides of your head preferably two to three inches wide and also the lower back of your head. Give a good wash and condition. Now blow dry. Make two section of the hair parting horizontally. The first or the front section should be smaller than the back one. Clamp the front section. Take the whole of the back section and comb properly. If your hair is afro type, you may need to straighten them up with a straightener or straightening creams first. Give a shot of hair spray and dab hair gel all over. Make a high ponytail giving two rounds and do not let the whole hair pass through the second round of the band. The ponytail fold must be seen on the top with its tail hanging from under the elastic band. Now tease the tail by backcombing your hair and spray on. Wrap the tail around the fold of the ponytail to create a knot above. Secure the ends by tucking them under the band. Open up the front section and comb properly. Straighten them up with a straightener and give a dab of hair gel evenly so that it becomes a straight, flat section. Pull it back sleekly and pass it over the head to reach the bun.  Wrap it around the bun and fix its ends underneath. Give a shot of hair spray all over. Your Mohawk bun is ready!!

Wassup new:  Try this look with keeping hair messy without using hair gel. Your look will come out to be altogether different. Go for this look sometime!

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