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Comb Twist Hairstyle


Hairstyle with comb twist is a very unique way of styling your hair. In this hairstyle there will be very small dreadlocks that is perfect for women with short hair. This is the most popular hairstyle among the African American women as it is a very sleek way to wear the hair in a manageable fashion. This style is considerd to be adaptable for a range of occasions. This hairstyle involves a very simple method in creating it which can be followed at home wihout any help.

To start the styling process, first wash and condition the hair fully. Leave the hair slightly damp and then comb them as you normally would by removing all the tangles. Next comb out a one inch wide section of hair at the nape of your neck starting from ear to ear and clip the rest of them up to keep them away while styling the hair. Now take quarter section of hair and apply a gel or wax. Wrap the hair from the roots till the tooth end of a rat tail comb. Turning the comb in a circular motion will make it more tighter and end of the hair will slide off the comb forming a twist. Take the upper portion of your hair to comb out a one inch high section of hair and secure the remaining portion of your hai. Use a comb to form twists as you did earlier and then blow dry the hair.

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