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The basket weave braid hairstyle: Too cute and too much fun!!


Basket weave hairstyles are uncommon and rarely seen. They are actually difficult to weave and maintain. But their look is exotic and creates a country side feel to the persona. ย When done perfectly, they do look extremely beautiful and cute and girly. Its best to try them first on the dummies to fix your hands on the hairstyle. You can start braiding from the forehead to down or from the nape of your neck or do a half-tie or full plait. There are two kinds of basket weave hairstyles. First is a type of regular plait and the second is the typical basket weave.

In regular plaiting you need to make seven sections out of your hair with one in the centre and three on each of the sides.ย  Name the sections as one, two, three, four, five, six and seven starting from left. Keeping the middle strand untouched, give round one on both the sides of the hair. Round one is taking first second and third sections into your hands and weaving them in a plait. Cross over the first section over the second one and the third to cross over the second one. Give this round one to the fifth, sixth and seventh sections too. Now, name the sections hanging down as again from one to seven starting from the left. Remember the central section is still untouched. Now begin round two. Take the section no.5 and cross it over the central section (no.4) and cross it under the section no.3. Pull the section no.1 over the section no.2 and under the section no.3. This completes round two. Repeat rounds one and rounds two regularly changing the name of sections after each round. When done for desired length, you may tie it with a tight rubber band.

The second type is a typical basket weave and it is actually very difficult to make and maintain. In this, thin longitudinal strands are made in each side of hair and made flat with a straightener and lots of hair gel. When about 7-8 strands are made, another section is taken from below these hair, made flat and woven horizontally through these longitudinal strands. These are woven by moving over one strand and moving under the second, again moving over the third and under the fourth and so on. Where the strand finishes, attach it with small bobby pins of the same color as the hair and fix .Take another strand from under the longitudinal strands hanging, make it straight and weave horizontally in the same manner as the previous strand. When whole of the length of hair finishes, tie the ends with a tight elastic. Spray on regularly to keep the hair at place. This is typical basket weave.

Wassup new: Adorn it with flowers or keep it simple or try different colored hair strands to make the basket. It really looks extremely girly. Try on and surely win loads of praises!!

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