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The Japanese Lolita club hairstyle: Nymphet inspired hairstyle!


Lolita is a fashion subculture from Japan influenced by clothing from Victorian and rococo eras. The hairstyle is influenced from the anime culture. The hairstyle, which emerged from the Japanese street fashion scene in the Nineties, has many incarnations and subsects.  Among  them are Elegant Gothic Lolitas, Erotic Lolitas, Gory Lolitas, Sweet Lolitas and White Lolitas. The hair style has a teeny weeny look with bangs, ponytails and bows over the head. The hair can be kept straight or curly as one wishes and can be decorated with ribbons, headbands, bows etc. To create this hair style, you need a volumising shampoo wash, conditioning and hair smoothening serum. Blow dry. Keep the bangs in front. Make out two ponytails on each side of the head. Keep them high or keep them low. Keep them straight or curly as one wishes. Now, take a curling rod and curl the front bangs towards inside. Make sure the bangs are thick and fall over the eyes.  Spray with a hair spray all over. Your Lolita hairstyle is ready!

Wassup New: Now this hairstyle and the whole club attire is widely spreading into America. The combo consists of check skirts, white high stockings, thick hair falling all over the face which are properly maintained and heavy make up. Anyways this Japanese Lolita culture is interesting and this hairstyle needs a try sometime!

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