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The top knot bun: Elegance high up!


Buns on top are very classy and give a feel of authority. What if the regular bun is tied into a knot at the top? It will add to a certain unique feel to the hairstyle, being classy the same time. This hairstyle is newly invented perhaps by the busy housewives but is a trend especially with the teenagers. They make a knot at the top of their head and adorn it with ribbons or scrunchies. It gives a elegant charm to the whole personality. Furthermore, it is way too easy. To create this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair properly. Now blow dry. Use some hair smoothening serum near the roots and not on the loose hair. Comb well to make a high ponytail on the top of the head. Secure the ponytail with a tight elastic band. While putting the ponytail through the elastic, give one round to the elastic and while giving the second round, do not make whole of the ponytail pass through it. Make about two inch folded section of the ponytail to be seen on the top of the head while the rest of the tail hangs down from the elastic. Take the tail, spray it all over, tease it by back combing and wrap it around the upper folded portion. Fix the ends into the rubber band. Your knot is ready!

Wassup new: Take a thin colorful pencil stick and pass it through the middle of the knot horizontally to give another look to your knot. This stick serves two functions. First it is ultra feminine accessory that gives a Japanese feel to the look and secondly it tightly keeps the knot together. Try it and you will love this look!!

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