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Tokyo Rockabilly club hairstyle: The fifties inspired Elvis look!


Tokyo Rockabilly club is a cult that is highly popular men fashion culture in Japan. Their classic look is inspired by the Japanese street culture known as “Rokabiri-zoku” (the rockabilly tribe) that is modeled on the American rock ‘n’ roll movement of the mid-1950s. These club members can be found in Harajuku’s Yoyogi Park on a Sunday adorning retro hairstyles and psychobilly pompadours and high sky rocketing gel inspired spikes and poofs.

The rockabilly style first emerged in Japan in 1958 when thousands of teenagers heavily influenced by the new “rockabilly” music that had recently swept the U.S., started a new culture the so-called “Rokabiri-Bumu” (rockabilly boom), the first popular culture movement of post-Occupation Japan.

Their hairstyles consist of high plaintiffs, spikes, rockets and various poofs. To create this kind of hairstyle, dab a huge amount of hair gel into still damp hair after shampooing and bow drying. With your hands and comb, shape the mane into any size and shape. If you want to go for spky look, part the hair into sections and comb the gel dabbed sections one by one upwards and then joining their ends into pointed spikes. For a big poof, back comb the hair after making it stand up. Hair spray a lot to keep hair at their place. For making Elvis look, take a small front section of your hair and comb it upwards. Spray well. Then twist the ends towards outside so that it gives a small fold over the top. Its done!

Wassup new: Having a unique hairstyle is certainly rebellious. Gel inspired look creates attitude, stiffness and hard look in the persona. Try some unique rockabilly inspired hairstyle sometime!

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