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Hairstyle at Christian Lacroix show: Funky fan buns with decorative combs!


The models show a hairstyle that is rare but for sure, eye catching. It is funky and decorative and insists a try! The hairstyle is composed of three fan shaped buns neatly done and decorated by golden combs that give an appeal to the whole outlook. The look is funky at the same time it is definitive of an experimental and a bold persona.

To create this hairstyle, you need to shampoo well to make hair shiny and clean and condition well to make it silky and smooth. Use a hair smoothening serum too. Blow dry. When done, dab on some hold defining gel and comb well. Make a diagonal front partition and clamp a thick front section for future use. Comb well all the remaining hair and divide it into two sections by making a horizontal partition with a rat tail comb. Clamp the upper section and comb the lowest section. Make sure the lowest section lies near the middle of the back of the head and not too low on the nape of the neck. Comb well and make a ponytail out of the lowest section. Secure it with a rubber band. Now take a few half moon shaped hair cushions to make the base for the fan shaped bans. Start wrapping the ends of the ponytail around the hair cushions. Spray and comb regularly while wrapping to give a neater effect. When the complete wrapping is done and the cushions reach the neck of the ponytail, fix the fan shaped bun to the neck of the ponytail so that the neck isn’t visible anymore and the bun appears to lie on the scalp. Fix with bobby pins. Make such fan buns from both the remaining sections of hair that were previously clamped. Your fan buns are ready! Take some sleek golden colored combs and attach them onto the buns and all over the head. Your funky look for the event tonight is ready!!

Wassup new: While going for some funky hairstyle, do not accessorize much. The spotlight should be on your hairstyle only you are sure to grab some compliments! Go on girls!



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