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Hairstyle with gel and glitter at Comme Des Garcons: Funkiness at its height !


Models at Comme Des Garcons showed their best funkiness by adorning a hairstyle smeared with gel and dabbed with glitter all over. For sure it was an experimental adventure that succeeded and brought out the talent of the hair artist.

To create this hairstyle, you need to shampoo well and condition. When the hair are still damp, dab on huge amounts of hair gel all over from top to bottom. Now with your fingers, move your gel smeared hair towards the front of your head and start making different patterns with your hair. Make sure all your hair is dripping from hair gel so that you can mould your hair into any shape. Pull out some hair over your forehead and mould to get a curly ends. Pull out thicker sections from the side and flatten them. Make thick curls of hair with your hands over your forehead. Sprinkle some thick glitter over whole head so that the glitter blends in quite good and the hair shine out loud. Your funky gel smeared glitter look is ready!!

Wassup new: You can use a sleek black head band and mould your hair into various funky styles. Spray on to get the best results of hold. Try these hairstyles at haloween or even at some party and show your funky side!


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