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Methods To Braid Fringes


Braiding a fringe is a very easy and simple process which can be done by anyone with some practice. To create this hairstyle you must have long bangs which must extend at least down to your ear. This style is the best way to make the long bangs stay out of your eyes. Braiding your fringe using a French plait is one of the best ways to make your hairstyle look elegant and classic. The braided fringe style can be a perfect choice while attending a special event or a party.

To achieve this style, first part the hair on the side after removing the tangles and divide the side bangs from the rest of your hair. Pull the remaining hair back of your head to create a ponytail and then separate the bangs into two parts. Now comb the first down in front of the face and collect the remaining bangs at the back to divide it into three equal pieces. Keep the front strip of hair over the middle strand which was divided into three sections and wrap the back section of hair over the middle one. Continue this process till the end of the bangs and keep the braid taut as well as close to the scalp. Use a rubber band to wrap the end of the braid to keep them together and tuck the end behind your ear before removing the rest of your hair from the ponytail.

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