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Doughnut buns at Donna Karan’s show: Buns are poise!


Well, its really hard to make doughnut shaped buns by our own selves and we have to rely on our hair stylers for such hairstyles. Donna Karan’s 2011 show showcased models wearing this hairstyle. The hair was neatly drawn into thick doughnut shaped round buns elegantly attached to the top of the head. Combined with a chic evening gown, this hairstyle has been favourite of many celebrities and seen frequently on red carpet.

To create this hairstyle, you need a doughnut shaped round big scrunchie or cushioned rubber band. First step is to wash hair with a proper shampoo and condition it. Then use some hair smoothening serum and comb properly. Tie your hair in a high ponytail. Secure it with a tight rubber band. Now take the ends of the ponytail and fold them towards inside on the doughnut rubber band. Keep folding till you reach the neck of the ponytail. Make sure you cover whole of the doughnut bun with your hair by folding all over it. When it reaches the neck of the ponytail, secure it with bobby pins. Give shot of hair spray and you are done!!!

Wassup new: Try making this hairstyle at home and you will master the style for it looks filled with poise for the great event tonite!!


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