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Models with faux bob: Hairstyle at Donna Karan show.


Hairstyle at Donna Karanโ€™s showed longer maned models transformed into chic ladies with bobs. Practically all of the models were long haired and the hairstyler fauxed their longer hair into shorter chin length bobs. This is a great way to experiment shorter hairstyles on longer hair.

To create this hairstyle, one needs to shampoo and condition well. Dab a shot of hair smoothening serum onto your hair and blow dry. Give a side partition to your hair. Comb well. Take a straightener and straighten up all your hair. Now two inches from the ends, make a very low ponytail. Secure it with a tight rubber band. You can see that the section of the hair which is above the rubber band is loose. Take a thick curling rod and curl up this section of hair only towards inside. Spray hard on this section. When enough heat is given, release the rod. Now take the ponytail and fold the hair towards inside and go up so that the curls we did earlier feels like the ends of the bob. Attach the ponytail below the loose hair with bobby pins. Make sure the ponytail isnโ€™t showing from the loose hair below. Now you can see the long hair beautifully folded towards inside and attached with bobby pins. This is the faux bob. Attach bobby pins on the sides of the hair too near the ears. Spray on. Attach some pieces of art inspired headbands. Your short hair look is ready!

Wassup new: Short hair with chin length bob looks best with a black head band. Try this on sometime and feel different with faux shorter hair!


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