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Reverse Ponytail


A reverse ponytail can be a perfect choice of hairstyle if you have hair without layers which must fall at or below the shoulders to get a perfect look. This style is usually popular among the flower girl who wears it particularly for a wedding ceremony as they represent youthful innocence. There are also many celebrities who wear this hairstyle for special events like wedding or a party. In this style the hair will be twist on both sides of the head to create a low-slung ponytail at the nape of your neck. Here is a simple way that can be followed to achieve this hairstyle very easily.

To start the styling process, first create a standard low slung ponytail and secure it by pulling the elastic two inches away from the scalp. Create an opening in the hair in between the lowered elastic and your scalp using your fingers. Now start pushing the ponytail up into the opening and then gently pull it down through the opposite side. Next push the elastic back toward the scalp over the head to get into the style. At last tie a ribbon or add a flowery barrette over the hair to make it look more attractive. The ponytail can be created into an updo to make the style look more unique. There are different ways to create an updo with a reverse ponytail and you can select the one which is perfect for hairstyle.

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