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The thin half tie hair look: Hairstyle at Giambattista Valli fashion show.


Models endorsed a simple half tie look with a little difference. The section tied was very thin and it gave the models a princess look. The hairstyle looks gorgeous and elegant with the fullness of loose hair.

To have this hairstyle, shampoo and condition your hair well. Use a hair smoothening serum. Cut your hair to an equal length at the bottom. Make side partition. Take a very thin section from around the partition on both the sides and comb them nicely. Spray on some hairspray. Again comb the sections. Now, make them meet at the back and tie them up with bobby pins. Take a straightener and straighten up the rest of your hair till ends. Give a shot of hairspray all over. Your sleek half tie is done!

Wassup new: You can easily wear half tie’s at the college, parties, movies etc. Loose hair beneath implies a girly feel to the persona. Attach headbands for school and flowers for a beach party. You will rock!!


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