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Thick high bobs with thin nets: Hairstyle at Fendi’s fashion show.


The show brought everyone to see huge typical buns made from backcombing hair into huge volumes. The models seemed to come from an era that used to adorn huge hairstyles. Massive huge bobs totally rocked the show and models looked perfectly gorgeous and feminine.

To have this hair style, shampoo well and condition your hair to get the silkiness. Comb well. Do not use any anti frizz or hair smoothening serum. Do not partition your hair. Comb with a backsweep. Start back combing a thin section of your hair with the smallest and the tightest comb. Raise your hair upwards and do teasing and backcombing section by section. When whole of the mane has been teased, spray on some hairspray and use your fingers to collect your hair into a bob with ends underneath. Spray on regularly to keep the hair at place. When done, attach a thin net all over the bob to give a classy effect to the hairstyle. You are ready to go to for the party!

Wassup new: Wear a small feather hat to adorn with this hairstyle or go for crystals. The spotlight is on you!!


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