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Bottega Veneta fashion show models hairstyle: Thick high frizzy vintage buns!


Models at Bottega Veneta fashion show adorned a hairstyle that had been very popular in the vintage era. Such hairstyles had great thickness and substance in them. It made females more authoritative and feminine. To create this hairstyle, wash your mane with a good volumising wash and a conditioner. Do not use anti frizz or hair smoothening serums. Blow dry. Now leave about one and a half inch thickness hair all over the outer part of the head by making a partition along the margin of the head. Keep that one and a half inch sectioned hair separately clamped. Take the rest of your hair and comb properly. Make a high ponytail out of it. Use extra long ponytail extensions. Secure the ponytail with a tight rubber band. Now back comb the tail part to create the volume and height. Back comb with the smallest set of hair combs.Β  When a great volume is set, wrap the ponytail around its own neck to from a thick bun. Secure with bobby pins. You may also use the doughnut shaped cushions to the bun to add further volume to your hair. Now, open the front margined section from the clamps and make a side partition out of them. Start teasing and back combing them. Spray regularly. Keep backcombing each section and fixing it to the bun. Make sure all whole of the bun is covered all over and no wraps of the ponytail are seen. This gives a collected effect to the bun. Spray hard to fix the hair at place. Your thick vintage bun is ready!!

Wassup new: Fix a crystal at the side to add to that vintage feel.


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