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Hairstyle With Crew Cut


A crew cut is hairstyle which was mostly used by the military where the hair will be cut completely short. But it is not for the military any more as it is gaining popularity among ordinary people also. In this style, the hair will be cut very close to the head and then left slightly longer on top. It is considered to be a preppy hairstyle and it is also one of the easiest hairstyles to wear with regular trims. There are many reasons which may attract people to go for this hairstyle like a cooler hairstyle for summer or even for a fashion statement. Here are few things that must be considered before going for this hairstyle.

To get this style, first decide about the time your hair will take to grow if you go a crew cut. Go through fashion magazines to look at the face shapes of the models who are similar to yours. You may also find out different crew cut hairstyles and select the one which is long, short, flat-top or the one which has designs etched in the sides. You can also get help from a hairstylist and decide on the style. Try to cut your hair in stages like cut it every few weeks by chopping off an inch to take your own time getting this hairstyle. You may also use a trimmer to create the perfect length, so you can avoid going completely bald.

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