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Invented faux bob effect at the Givenchy fashion show: Mystery unflooded!


The first look at these models display that they have a bob. The second look clears that it is a faux bob but a more clearer look implies that it is an invented faux bob! The models have neatly tucked their hair inside their coats to give a shorter hair effect. Nevertheless the look worked and the models looked exceptionally classy and raunchy.

To have this hair style, shampoo up with a hair smoothening shampoo and condition well. Now apply some smoothening serum and comb well. Blow dry. Comb well and make a center partition.Take a straightener and straighten up your mane for enough time. When done, give shot of hair spray. Wear a coat or a blazer over your attire. Now give some pull to the hair tucked inside. It gives an impression of the curly end of a bob. Spray well to keep hair at place. Your new look is ready to be experimented!

Wassup new:ย  Adorn crystal bands with it to show the proper effect of a bob. Look chic by experimenting with new things on your way! Enjoy!


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