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Loose thin waves with ends straight: Hairstyle at Givenchy fashion show.


Models at Givenchy fashion show revealed a free side of themselves by endorsing a thin hairstyle made of sleek waves with ends straight. The hairstyle had a fingered effect and defined the clearness of the models persona. Its an easy hairstyle to start with but can take time to form a perfect look. The models endorsed a sleeky look with hair falling over their face and their faces appearing thin. It’s a perfect hairstyle for beach parties or any launch event. It can be used as a regular hairstyle too.

To get this hairstyle, you need to shampoo well and condition. Use a hair smoothening serum onto it and blow dry. While blow drying do not use the comb. Use your fingers to separate hair into very thin strands. When done, take a straightener and straighten up the ending two inches of your mane. Separate the strands with your fingers again. Dab on a little hairspray and your thin wavy look is ready for the party!

Wassup new: You can make very thin wavy curls into your mane by curling the hair with your fingers while blow drying. Attach a crystal or wear a broad headband for some extra touch. You look gorgeous!!

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