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Straight back sweep at Gucci 2009: Models looking classicious!


When you want to go for some extra class yet want to be bold and different, you must go for this back sweep hairstyle. The androgynous look it has makes it bolder and the longer manes make you look sexy and classy! The hair looks neat and up to date and this look is perfect for any ramp walk. To create this hairstyle you need first a hair smoothening wash and deep conditioning. Comb well and backwards with a sweep. Use a hair smoothening serum. Blow dry your hair. Comb your hair with a back sweep without a partition. Spray on to make hair look neat and tidy and managed. Now, take a straightener and straighten up your hair starting from two inches from the scalp. Use hair gel on the hair lower to your ears and sweep it back towards the centre on both the sides. Keep all hair loose but managed. If hair is unmanageable dab on hair gel and blow dry to make them stay at place. In the end give a shot of hairs pray again. Your look is perfect!

Wassup new: Show your bold attitude with this hairstyle. It is simple to keep and manage and shows that one can handle bigger things too. Girls are of course bolder and more rebellious!!


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