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Chanel’s messy updo with flicks and decorative headbands: Ultra girly!


Chanel’s models look here is a girly messy updo adorned with ribbons, decorative headbands and flicks. The look is the princess inspired messy one and suits the teens, prom parties well. To have this hairstyle, shampoo well your hair along with proper conditioning. Blow dry. Do not use hair smoothening serums or anti frizz. Tease the whole mane and again comb with a wide toothed comb. Create a small little front poof by raising your hair and pining up. Pull out numerous flicks from the sides and the front with a rat tail comb. Collect back all your hair back on the top of your head. Make a ponytail out of it. Secure the ponytail using a tight rubber band. Tease the tail so that it becomes heavy. Now, twist the tail to form a very loose sausage. Give the sausage a fold and attach it to the top of the ponytail near its neck and hang the ends below. If the hair is long, give two big folds of the sausage. Pin up very well using bobby pins. Pull out flicks from the sausage and the hair at the back too. Take a princess head band and place it behind the poof. Take straightener and straighten up all the flicks so that they can be well maintained, still giving a messy look to the updo. Spray a little. Your Chanel inspired princess updo is ready!!

Wassup new: Adorn with ribbons or big crystals to be extra feminine. Prom queens are ready!!


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