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Front flat poofs at the Chanel’s: Ultra feminine with added ponytails!


We have heard and used the front poof hairstyle for so many days now. This new look is its flattened version adorned by the Chanel’s models here. The look is ultra feminine, sexy and oozes appeal. Combined with sleek ponytails the back, this adds to the height of the face though not making it pointed altogether. It’s a good hairstyle to be worn at proms, parties and even book launches.

To create this hair style, wash your hair well. Blow dry. Now take the front small section of your hair and tease it well to create height and volume. Comb lightly now.  Raise it to make a poof. Attach it with pins behind. Flatten the poof by making the attaching area wide and use your fingers to get the desired shape of the poof. Secure well by bobby pins. Now take the hair at the sides and spray well. Comb well and take whole of the hair towards the back while combing. Make a high ponytail. Secure well with a rubber band. Comb well the pail part. Spray on and your look is ready for the party tonight!!

Wassup new: Make your poof messy and do not comb very well to give that modern messy feel to it. Go on and win praises!

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